leftAssessment/Tax Appeal

The majority of cities determine property taxes based on an ad valorem assessment. This basically means that it takes a lot of data contained in their files and mostly does averaging. This can hurt you if you have an under-improved house surrounded by larger, superior quality properties; they tend to bring your value up. It's called the principle of progression. For example, say your are located on the outskirts of an area like Spanish Hills in Camarillo, it will take the square foot average of surrounding properties and then use that average to impute a value for your home. If this may have happened to you and feel your assessment is too high, many times something like this can be resolved with a simple phone call to the tax assessor. However, if the conversation goes nowhere and feel your property is still being overvalued, this is where I can help. I can provide you an appraisal with specific, appropriate sales and if needed, attend the hearing on your assessment appeal and testify on your behalf.
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